Sales and Service

Thermal Sky Sports sells and services the best gear in the industry. And will get you into the best glider for you! Since we sell the best gear in the industry we will never pressure you into your gear as it sells its self. We are here to give you straight forward advice and what is going to be best for you!

Whether you’re buying your first glider as a student or buying your new high performance cross country glider our service is second to none before and after your purchase helping you keep your glider flying at its best!

Thermal Sky sports Guaranty

At Thermal Sky sports after sale support is most important to us that’s why all of our gear as a warranty!

When you buy a glider, harness or variometer from us we will let you rent gear from us for FREE while you’re waiting for you new gear to arrive! Also all labor is free for as long as you own the gear, from replacing uprights, doing annual inspecting and maintenance, and tuning.