Hang Gliding Lessons

Hang Gliding Lessons run daily and are by appointment only, call today to schedule Reno Hang Gliding Lessons, Tahoe Hang Gliding Lessons, or hang gliding lessons in surrounding areas and lets go fly!

Thermal Sky Sports is committed to getting you flying quickly and safely. With state of the art training, equipment, and professional hang gliding instruction you can be soaring like a bird before you know it!

How we teach you how to hang glide:

    Ground Towing – multiple low and slow flights it makes learning how to fly the glider easy, as you progress the pilot starts getting towed higher and higher!
    Training hill lessons – After learning how to fly the glider ground towing we go to the training hill for more air time!
    Tandem training – The student takes a tandem hang gliding discovery flight with the instructor gets hands on flying with real time feedback by the instructor!
    Solo soaring – Solo flying with radio assistance!

We teach you the skills to not just fly but build solid fundamental skills to build on so you can get the most out of the sport.

Hang Gliding Lesson Prices

Introductory Hang Gliding Lesson – $160.00

5 Hang Gliding Lesson Package -$600.00(120.00 per lesson)

Hang Gliding Pilot package – $1,295.00 7 Hang Gliding Lessons combination of training hill and towing, 3 Tandem hang gliding flights, Ground school and theory.

Lessons include all state of the art gliders, harness and helmets – you do not need any equiptment of your own, all is included in the price!.

Discounts are available for students and veterans.