Hang Gliding Lessons

Hang Gliding Lessons run daily and are by appointment only, call today to schedule Reno Hang Gliding Lessons, Tahoe Hang Gliding Lessons, or hang gliding lessons in surrounding areas and lets go fly!

Thermal Sky Sports is committed to getting you flying quickly and safely. With state of the art training, equipment, and professional hang gliding instruction you can be soaring like a bird before you know it!

How we teach you how to hang glide:

    Ground Towing – multiple low and slow flights it makes learning how to fly the glider easy, as you progress the pilot starts getting towed higher and higher!
    Training hill lessons – After learning how to fly the glider ground towing we go to the training hill for more air time!
    Tandem training – The student takes a tandem hang gliding discovery flight with the instructor gets hands on flying with real time feedback by the instructor!
    Solo soaring – Solo flying with radio assistance!

We teach you the skills to not just fly but build solid fundamental skills to build on so you can get the most out of the sport.

Hang Gliding Lesson Prices

Introductory Hang Gliding Lesson – $160.00

5 Hang Gliding Lesson Package -$600.00(120.00 per lesson)

Hang Gliding Pilot package – $1,295.00 7 Hang Gliding Lessons combination of training hill and towing, 3 Tandem hang gliding flights, Ground school and theory.

Lessons include all state of the art gliders, harness and helmets – you do not need any equiptment of your own, all is included in the price!.

Discounts are available for students and veterans.

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Tandem Hang Gliding

Experience the thrill of flight with a  tandem hang gliding discovery flight with an instructor side by side. This is your first taste of the freedom of hang gliding over the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains  – Imagine soaring like an eagle!

You will launch off of Slide Mountain soaring around catching thermals that we can ride up thousands of feet over the mountains! A typical Tandem flight lasts about 15-25 minutes. During the flight you can sit back and relax take in the breath taking sights, if you would like to fly the glider your instructor will show you how to fly the glider and let you take over controls!

We fly everyday if conditions are good!

What to expect when you take a Reno Tandem Hang Gliding flight:

You will meet your Tandem Pilot at Slide Launch on the East bowl of Mt Rose ski resort.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend long pants

Running shoes


Hat and sun glasses


Set up the hang glider

You will be flying with professional hang glider pilot Alex Cuddy

You will do a quick 15 minute ground school where the instructor will show you how were going to launch fly and land the glider!

You and the instructor will launch side by side and fly around over the amazing Sierra Nevada Mountains and Washoe valley; you will even be able to fly the glider yourself when you experience Tahoe Tandem Hang Gliding.

15-25 minutes later we’ll come in for a landing.

Tandem hang gliding is the best way to get your first taste of flying like a bird! Anyone can go hang gliding 12 years +, and any ability.

You’ll be surprised to hear to don’t have to jump off a mountain to go hang gliding.

We also have another way of getting air born with a towing system! You and the pilot are towed up to 2,000FT above the ground release from the tow line and glide around the sky!

Tandem Hang Gliding Cost

Monday-friday – $240.00

Weekends – $300.00

HD Pictures – $40.00

Video HD -Edited and put to music-$80.00

Discounts available for Groups, Students, Veterans, Reno/Tahoe Locals!

Call or visit our Order Online page to book your flight! Pre-pay online and receive free photos.

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Sales and Service

Thermal Sky Sports sells and services the best gear in the industry. And will get you into the best glider for you! Since we sell the best gear in the industry we will never pressure you into your gear as it sells its self. We are here to give you straight forward advice and what is going to be best for you!

Whether you’re buying your first glider as a student or buying your new high performance cross country glider our service is second to none before and after your purchase helping you keep your glider flying at its best!

Thermal Sky sports Guaranty

At Thermal Sky sports after sale support is most important to us that’s why all of our gear as a warranty!

When you buy a glider, harness or variometer from us we will let you rent gear from us for FREE while you’re waiting for you new gear to arrive! Also all labor is free for as long as you own the gear, from replacing uprights, doing annual inspecting and maintenance, and tuning.

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